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The energy and consciousness of creation is a single mechanism which is self-generating, self-operating and self-destroying.

It is also self-purifying and self-balancing.

This mechanism has revealed aspects of itself, nothing is apart from it or can be known separate to it.

It is the mechanism of the life force, which is applied through the womb of creation.


If we understand the mechanism of the Holy Womb of Creation, as the instrument of Creation itself, we can come to understand the nature of the soul's journey in and out of life and it's experiences.

We gain a deeper appreciation for the cause, purpose and response of life.

In addition, we can learn to become realised with the mechanism itself.


Women are intimately involved in the mechanism of Creation, which is the flow of life through the womb. It is a Creation's nature to protect the flow of life as it is every mother's nature.

This is not only the strongest, but the only force of Creation.

Every woman is connected to this power.


There are precise steps and formulae in learning to use this power, the power of the Holy Womb, as it is for the purpose of becoming self-realised.


The Holy Womb holds the vibrations of all the codes of life, in all its aspects.

These aspects which are the pathways of the soul, are mirrored in the subtlest aspects of water, as a reflection of the soul.

The messages, or aspects of consciousness which the soul needs to receive or release, can be transmitted through water, raising the vibrations or power of the soul, through the channels of the Holy Womb.


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