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About H4H

Inner Yoga Mechanisms of Shakti and Kundalini and their Purpose for the Planet 
The key principle of Healing 4 Humanity is the recognition and generation of the power of change, Shakti, or the energy that shifts attention, focus and consciousness.
It is not the energy of a different focus, but the power to shift it and to break through the blocks of debilitating stress and conflict. 
Accessing the power of change opens possibilities beyond any fear, hope, expectation, and the dependency of need or resistance.
In it's awakened form it is Kundalini, awakened power conscious of its whole self, that is the essence of liberation.


Healing 4 Humanity is based in England where clients are seen for personal courses and healings to awaken Shakti and Kundalini, and for in-depth psycho-spiritual processes.

Healing 4 Humanity Peace Circles are held in many countries and online and are group based. They involve personal healing and training to enable the soul to become the generator of change, to activate healing energy and to implement intentions for humanity’s healing. Peace Circles Initiators are trained regularly.


In India, courses take place at the sacred site of the birth of Creation itself, Penukonda. Experience your divine and cosmic relationship, learning the true mechanisms of the healing power of the heart.

In the USA, discover the freedom and creativity of your soul in the New England Peace Center.

Healing 4 Humanity was founded by Nadira Seeram who has practiced since 2007 as a psycho-spiritual therapist, healer, teacher, and trainer dedicated to opening the personal and collective energy healing channels of peace and freedom. Working only from direct personal experience, she shares the way to overcome the source of stress and conflict; identity entrapment, division and duality, to find in its place the indivisible connection to creation itself, whole and complete without fear or longing.

Including now Ayurvedic Consultancy, to offer truly holistic Lifestyle for the Soul practices

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