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Shakti Channels

Mantra Meditation


Key Points

Meditation is first and foremost for your soul.

Secondly it focuses and/or distracts the mind with the least resistance.

Thirdly it teaches us to be in a state of attention without tension.

Only in that state can we open our channels of consciousness to the field of potential.

We remember what life has taught us to forget, and retun to the knowingness of no minding, no needing, ultimately no being in the sense of ego and personality. Then our life becomes the same tension-free state of meditation; not minding.......................

Meditation opens the doors to your consciousness.

Mantras, with precise formaulae, are the keys to the doors of consciousness.


Soul Growth and Training

The soul wants to open and know its consciousness like child learning to know itself. It has to understand its energy, what makes it operate and then it can instruct its mind.

Soul training leads to natural problem-solving, understanding the unfathomable, restoring balance and leading change.

It unlocks the reservoirs of love and power that are inherent to each human being, the same pure, free and infinite energy of the universe. The soul's journey, or evolution, is to discover and free this energy within itself.

Meditation is an internal and direct form of soul expansion when enough soul energy is generated.

Meditation trains the soul to direct the consciousness v the ego controling the mind.


Power of Mantra

Mantra formulae are key sound vibrations that unlock channels of consciousness. They hold the energy that the soul recognises in itself. They act as the purest internal mirror and guide.

Mantra teaches the soul to hold awareness and direct its consciousness. This is when the mind doesn't have to think, and the power of manifestation, or sankalpa, is released.

Mantra distracts the mind from the self and self-consciousness, the operator of karma.

Mantra retrains the attention towards the soul and soul-consciousness, raising soul intelligence and true wisdom.

Mantra releases blocks that keep energy stuck, physically, mentally, emotionally and spiritually.



All mantras and formulae have been given by the grace of an embodied channel of consciousness,

Sri Kaleshwar, with instruction from Shirdi Sai Baba and ancient palm leaf manuscripts. These manuscripts hold the direct revelations from the Divine Mother of Creation as a gift for the soul to realise itself as Her Cosmic Principle.

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