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Water 4 Trauma



Water inspires and touches the soul like nothing else can. It returns us to the state of clarity and peace that we all long for. Meditation in the water clears blockages and open channels that otherwise lay stagnant and closed.


Water connects us to the source and flow of the River of Life. When we are in water, we communicate more deeply with the source of our own nature. Water can cleanse, erase or awaken parts of us we have forgotten. It can return us to the state of purity, love and balance that is our true nature. With the right techniques, water can effectively treat all stress-based conditions as it clears memory and cuts through false belief patterns and repetitive cycles.


The healing modality of water is one of the most powerful means to relieve stress and trauma that have left their mark as the ghosts of time. Addictions, depression and PTSD can be washed away as the consciousness of the soul wakes up to the power it holds to change its own reality.


Water holds the vibration of memory and awareness which is the depth of clarity through which we see our lives. It can reveal the truth, the true vibration of the soul, simply and profoundly by ending the reliving of past experience. It is a profound way to clear the mind.


You can receive water healing sessions or begin your journey with Self-discovery Water Meditation Booklets


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