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Conflict Resolution with Spiritual Solution

Conflict Resolution

Spiritual Solution

Conflict is born out of a false belief in separate identity, whether it is personal or collective

It is born out of fear of not being all that I think I am

Yet it is the opportunity to release the very ideas which imprison us and cause us to feel imprisoned

It is an opportunity to transcend the survival of identity instinct

Conflict is an opportunity not to win against another but to realise our false beliefs can be released

Conflict is an opportunatity for our true spirit to prevail over our own false beliefs

Whatever the type of conflict, the true spirit of humanity is stronger

The solution to conflict is the awakening of our inherent spirit

Conflict Resolution is a Spiritual Solution

The true spirit of humanity is connection not separation

The true spirit of humanity overcomes the fear that identity has to survive, driving the survival instinct of I over/against/beneath you

It is the spirit of humanity which survives, all else is false and unaware

The spirit of humanity is an energy which is, and knows connection

Raising the spirit of humanity overcomes the false belief in separation/difference/survival of identity

The spirit of humanity releases us from the fight-flight-trauma cycle of enegy which perpetuates fear, the sense of loss, and separation

The spirit of humanity is the same within each one of us

It's nature is freedom from identity; infinite peace, love, truth, wisdom, and connection

it is the absence of fear, which needs to identify and which breeds conflict

Ask for personal or group Conflict Resolution Training or join Peace Circles to experience the freedom of your, and humanity's, spirit

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