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Self-discovery Water Meditation Booklets

Self-discovery water meditation booklets are designed for you to engage simply, yet profoundly in a meditation practice which will awaken and enable healing channels to flow through you.

Water reflects the relationship of creation energy

and consciousness, purify this and you take a step towards peace.

Your soul will feel the vibration and so will the planet.

Purchase your booklet here and you will receive it via email.

The meditations are progressive and need to be undertaken in order in each booklet and in the series.

Further booklets in the series will be added here in due course.

Read through the entire booklet before starting, there are short and simple instructions to follow, create time and space for your meditations, you will need a bottle of water, a candle and to print the booklet including the photograph which is an important part of the process.

Suitable for all, with or without meditation experience.


Welcome to your journey

Look into water and you look into your Soul

The Womb of Consciousness holds the Space of your Heart and of your Mind

The Light of the Full Moon pulls your Soul into the depths of its Being

Water is the screen on which all is seen, and That is One

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