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Healing 4 Humanity is a profoundly practical response to life issues. How energy moves, or rather how it doesn't, is the source of all our issues; we want to hold on or we can't let go.

When our soul energy is blocked we can easily be manipulated to replicate patterns of being in fear and staying in conflict. However, when energy is unblocked, we can be positively affected to relax and restore the soul's capacity to know and deliver truth. This is the state of the soul at peace.

Buildings and spaces can also hold stuck energy which can be cleared.


Consultation fees are £135 per 90 minute session, including any single Santosha session, and can be paid using the button below (you can ask for a flexible payment structure if needed)

Consult with Nadira

Accessing Energy for Change


Please send a message for personal or group consultations, which can take place in-person or over Zoom.


Consultations are designed to accelerate your healing and spiritual journey, bring greater clarity to your life, relieve blockages of fear, stress, anxiety and trauma, build protection, and to create a self-healing personal development practice. They will address any form of stuck energy pattern.

You will move closer to your soul consciousness.

Use the message form for personal healing, consultations for change, conflict resolution, vision building, all types of energy clearing, aligning your space and any other concern.


Thanks for submitting! We'll get back to you shortly.

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