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Creating Spaces of Peace

Peace is inherently within, but we can bring it out to make an outer reality that fills a space, receiving back from it more peace and enabling all who come into it to receive. Making peace-centred and peace-filled spaces is vital now, more than ever

It is possible to create such spaces no matter where you are, in your home, business, or community. There are many important and individual factors involved which you will be initiated into and guided through step-by-step.

These steps include:

  • use of specially created objects to hold positive energy

  • specific prayers, mantras, and intentions to release negative energy

  • vaastu; the energy science of placement and directions for stability and growth

  • karmic considerations; your soul journey of healing

  • dharmic considerations; your soul journey of creativity

If you would like to make a tangible impact on the world and build a legacy of peace, contact me to discuss the possibilities of creating a unique space of peace:     Email your inspiration to discuss further

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