Peace Retreat

Guru Purnima and Peace Circles Retreat

July 14th-21st, 2019

A Meditation Retreat to aid the shift from stress to peace, fear to happiness, and conflict to connection
  • Develop your spiritual practice for long-lasting effects

  • open the pathways to creation and possibility

  • detox the tension of your mind

  • act in the freedom of your spirit, love and wisdom

  • experience the true beauty of life

Guru Purnima, the full moon in July, is the most auspicious time to receive heightened energy directly from Creation, through the channels and blessings of the Guru's Lineage. It is the biggest short-cut to self-discovery.

You will also be taken through the 3 Levels of Peace Circles which involve:

  • using profound self-healing meditation tools

  • experiencing the reality of sharing healing with others

  • connecting to and understanding ancient spiritual teachings

  • receiving healings and private consultations for conflict resolution


  • The Peace Retreat will take place at Graylag Cabins, in the New Hampshire Forest, USA

  • From July 14th to 21st

  • Cost for the Retreat is $1200 including shared accommodation

  • No experience necessary

  • Booking by March 1st is necessary to secure your place. You can also use the booking button to register your commitment. There are a maximum of 9 spaces.

Other Information:

  • Groceries to be taken for your own food preparation

  • Check-in after midday on the 14th

  • Check-out before midday on the 21st

  • Bring modest swimwear and walking shoes