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Peace Circles Process

Join a Peace Circle

UK Peace Circles

Eastbourne, East Sussex

US Peace Circles

Moab, Utah

Williamsport, Pennsylvania

Washington, DC

Greater Cincinnati, Ohio

Charlotte, North Carolina

Pomfret, Connecticut

St Thomas, Virgin Islands

Tacoma, Washington


Hillsboro, New Hampshire

Japan Peace Circles




Lebanon Peace Circles


Beirut, Lebanon

Online Peace Circles

Peace Circles for Palestine

Join an information call on Healing Without Fear on Sat 10th Feb at 13.30 GMT. This will also be in preparation for Peace Circles for Palestine taking place the next day, 11th as well as 17th, 18th, and 24th at the same time.

Please make your donation directly to Eyewitness Palestine

What is it?

  • Peace Circles are guided dynamic personal and global healing meditation systems to transform stress and conflict into the reality of oneness

  • Each process connects you to the power channels of truth, justice, peace, and love to implement in the world

  • The formulas disarm the unhealthy fight-flight-fear response from the belief in separateness to strengthen humanity's bond

  • A Peace Circles Process runs for minimum of 4 sessions

  • You can join a Peace Circles session in any location and online

  • Full support given to learn the process

You can

  • Activate and continue to develop your soul energy

  • Change struggle into freedom

  • See the highest truth in all and help humanity

  • Employ wisdom instead of reaction

  • Experience love, peace, and unity


  • Train as a Peace Circles Initiator to run your own local Peace Circles Group. There are 4 levels of initiation and application

  • Training courses are accredited by IPHM Holistic Accreditation Board

  • You will receive ongoing H4H training and peer support

  • Next Peace Circles Initiators Training Course Levels 1, 2, 3 & 4 July 2023


Give a special gift 

  • of a Peace Circles Process to your family, friends, work, or community

  • Bring relief and clarity to the issues on their minds

  • Peace Circles can facilitate creativity, problem-solving and vision-building

  • Contact a local co-ordinator or email to set up online sessions for your group

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