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Living Beyond You:
Psychospiritual Health and Wellbeing 

Finding a truer life

An immersive experience of healing, psychospiritual training, meditation, and natural health and nutrition treatment designed to address all aspects of life and lifestyle balance

It's purpose is for you to:

  • discover the inner wisdom, happiness, and love that is peace beyond the duality of experience

  • develop your powers of observation and inspiration to see you through any challenge

  • awaken and harmonise the soul-consciousness system with the mind-body-heart system

  • achieve greater freedom from tension and increase connection to your life and it's purpose

  • access the ancient sciences of the soul passed on directly through a guru lineage to awaken your real self; Shakti Channels

  • utilise the ancient sciences of the body also passed on by ancient seers, to stabilise the vehicle for your soul so that you can go deeper into your true nature; Ayurveda

You will:

  • attend for 3 weeks in Eastbourne, UK from 1st to 22nd July 2023

  • be accommodated in a shared house (self-catering) unless finding your own accommodation

  • undergo transformative healing, training, and meditation practices

  • receive 3 Ayurveda lifestyle and nutrition consultations

  • be given relevant Ayurvedic herbal preparations for 6 weeks

  • participate in group as well as private sessions

  • have time for self-study, reflection, and being in nature (please do not schedule additional activities)



  • return travel to Eastbourne, UK

  • accommodation around £800 pp

  • meal preparations

  • course fee: £1800


  • submit your interest on the form

  • places will be allocated according to suitability

  • there are limited spaces for provided accommodation

  • participation will need to be confirmed and 50% deposits paid by May 7th

Submit your interest

Thanks for your interest, you will receive a response shortly

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