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Self-Healing Nature Group Course

An online group course to:

  • bridge your inner and outer worlds

  • understand the fabric of your thoughts, emotions, actions, and experiences

  • gain deeper insight of transcendence of the elements

  • start to unlock a stress-free nature

  • build a foundation for any Santosha; satisfaction and contentment programme

  • understand the principles of Ayurveda

  • realise the inherent connection between the life force channels; Ayurveda, and the soul force Guru Shakti channels

The course will take place

  • on 4 Sundays: 21st and 28th May, 11th and 18th June

  • from 2-4.30 PM (London)

After submission to join you will be sent

  • payment links for £300 (ask for concession )

  • Zoom meeting link 

  • Recommended reading material

Self-Healing Nature Group Course

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