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Sri Kanaka Durga Peace Statue

Embodiment of your Soul Nature: Soul Murti

There is one power that is the source of all Creation, the same power that is the nature of your Soul. Awakening the power of your Soul is the awakening of Creation within you, the awakening without separation.

Connecting to an embodied source of this power and experiencing the awareness of Oneness is the resolution of stress and conflict (the perceived experience of the ego believing in separateness).


Each Kanaka Durga Peace Statue is embodied with the power of Oneness, or Shakti.

She comes to you with a suggested meditation process so that you can:

  • receive the highet vibrations to your soul

  • connect with the qualities of your soul: truth, clarity of action, peace and love

  • resolve stress and conflict in your life leading to resolution of karma

  • receive self-healing and awaken healing abilities

  • know who you truly are beyond all forms of identity

  • be released from fear which holds onto ideas of need and causes the pain of desire and attachment

Peace Statues:

  • are specially commissioned replicas of the Kanaka Durga murti (embodiment of Shakti) brought onto the planet by Sri Kaleshwar in Penukonda, and fully endorsed by the Ashram

  • have connected to that holy statue and the divine channels of that holy ground, home to many Saints

  • are prepared and blessed with the highest intentions for personal and global healing

  • are a new way to understand yourself and your role in the creation

  • can awaken your soul through connection to its power

  1. Statues have to be pre-ordered to be made and initiated

  2. Last and final orders will be taken to the end of October. Normal processing could take up to 6 months, additional time may now be involved

  3. Statues are carved in black stone, approximately 18" high and weigh 13.5 kg

  4. All statues will be shipped to a physical street address (not a PO Box)

  5. Total cost for Soul Murti ordered and shipped: £1150

A minimum amount of £100 included in the total cost will be given to the Ashram (Shirdi Sai Global Trust) as a donation per statue. 

When you use this Oder button you can click on "Seller Will Send Payment Instructions" to receive direct bank transfer details for payments in GP£, US$, or €.

Please make sure you include a mobile phone number for shipping information.


"I am grateful beyond words to have Kanaka Durga in our home. She has been with us for over a year and she daily blesses us with grace that continues to unfold in my life and in my family's lives. Each time I meditate in her presence, I  feel deeply cleansed, as she is an embodiment of deep peace that helps me relax into the divine truth, knowing all is well no matter what is appearing around me. She is gently pulling out the clarity needed to shift my ego based dialogue of struggle and fear. At times I experience an overwhelming love radiating from her, from the heart of creation.  We have several Peace Statues in our community and each person who takes time to meditate with her, speaks about the relief they feel from inner turmoil and restoration of their true self, remembering their spiritual nature."

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