Journey to the Soul Training 2020

Journey to the Soul is a live online course comprising 10 training sessions over 5 weekends from June to October:

  • it is a foundation course in understanding the real value of the soul; the source of healing, well-being, and sustainable change

  • you will be able to apply the learning to how you see yourself and change how you see others

  • an invaluable tool for anyone in the healing/helping profressions and anyone wanting to shift perceptions

  • once completed you will receive a certificate that you have undergone this training

  • cost for the training is £450

  • sessions take place on the first weekends, Saturday and Sunday, of June to October  

  • timing is scheduled in British Summer Time (BST)

  • each session runs for 3 hours

When you apply, you will receive a Zoom link to be used for all training sessions. Please make sure you have the latest Zoom application.

Course Dates and Topics

Stages of Consciousness:

Sat 6th June

Sun 7th June

Changing Perception:

Sat 4th July

Sun 5th July

Stages of Awakening:

Sat 1st August

Sun 2nd August

Changing Connections:

Sat 5th September

Sun 6th September

Who am I now?

Sat 3rd October

Sun 4th October

All sessions take place from 1.30pm-4.30pm BST

Check your local time and calendar against BST

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