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UK Peace Circles 

May & July Peace Circles Process

Peace Circles are healings, training, and meditations. They enable you to receive and discover the inner wisdom, happiness, and love that is peace beyond duality. They help you to develop your powers of observation and inspiration to see you through any challenge, as the flame and power of peace. Meditation is not a part of life, but life becomes meditation.

What the process will entail:

  • All sessions are in-person (Eastbourne, East Sussex) 

  • Attendance at an information and initiation session on Sunday 23rd April at 7.00 PM - 8.30 PM 

  • Peace Circles will be held consecutively from 1st-4th May and 1st-4th July at 7.00 PM - 8.30 PM

  • No prior meditation experience necessary

  • Full support given throughout

Join the process:

  • Register your intention to join Peace Circles by April 20th to receive location information. Please add a little about your interest in joining.

  • You can join Peace Circles in May or July, or both, but need to attend the information meeting on April 23rd.

  • At the information meeting, you will be given an instruction booklet with short mantras to practice and guidelines for the process

  • It is important to commit to all 4 sessions in a series

  • £108 is the suggested contribution for a Peace Circles series however you are welcome to contribute as you can



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