The Guru Bridge to Rebuilding our World

Full moons are powerful times to receive cosmic energy.

The full moon of June/July, Guru Purnima, is an especially powerful time to receive the combined energy of a lineage of enlightened souls. These souls work across time to show the way to change course when we only can see what's in front of us. They give us a restart, an opportunity to operate differently from a place of truth and power that knows all connection.

They are a bridge of light to overcome our limited perceptions and failings, to take us further beyond ourselves than our own efforts and intentions ever could.

Now, at a time of great human destruction and disconnection we have to rebuild, not from further ego and fear but from the vision and blueprint of nature itself, wholeness which is revealed to us through the Guru channels and imparted to us energetically.

This Guru Purnima course:

  • is a 4-week meditation process from July 11th to August 8th

  • with 5 group Zoom sessions on Sundays July 11th, 18th, 25th, and August 1st, 8th from 1-4 pm British Summer Time

  • participants will be divided into 5 sub-groups and hold group reviews for feedback

  • sub-group projects are to plant the seeds of energy for

    • human renewal​

    • climate renewal

    • animal renewal

    • water renewal

    • land renewal

  • submit your first choice for a sub-group but you may be allocated another to ensure all are covered adequately

  • in the circumstances that you cannot join all whole group meetings, you can still join this course as long as you attend the first meeting on July 11th and stay connected to your sub-group

  • course cost is £300 but any amount that you invest is accepted​ (email separately with your sub-group choice and particular interests)

  • you will first receive a confirmation of joining the course with the Zoom meetings link, then a second with your sub-group​

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