Healing Water Meditation Retreat

24th September to 2nd October


Join this Healing Water Intensive to explore:

  • your soul life through the reflection of water

  • the properties and capacity of water to reflect and raise consciousness

  • sending messages and healings through water

  • receiving the power through water to see clearly

Plus Daily Peace Circles which involve:

  • using profound self-healing meditation tools

  • experiencing the reality of sharing healing with others

  • connecting to and understanding ancient spiritual teachings


  • The Healing Water Retreat will take place at Brooklands Barn, Arundel, West Sussex, UK

  • From Thursday 24th September to Friday 2nd October, 2020

  • Cost for the Retreat is £1800 including shared accommodation

  • The retreat will be a completely vegan catered event

Other Information:

  • Check-in from 2 pm on the 24th September

  • Check-out by 10 am on the 2nd October

  • Bring modest swimwear and pool towels

  • The retreat is not appropriate for anyone with a heart condition

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