Breaking the Cycle
A Personal Development and Healing Course
Saturday 17th to Sunday 25th October 2020

Breaking the Cycle is an online course comprising 9 days of consciousness and energy rebalancing through ancient knowledge and guided healing meditations.

Powerful healing tools cut through the layers of unawareness of the soul and its natural state, shed the anxiety behind unconsciously driven behaviour, and enable you to enact a different story from the real point of your being.

This course is for:

  • coming out of fixed ideas, locked emotional states, repetitive behaviour into freedom and truth

  • taking place when nature is at its most healing and restorative over the 9 nights of Navaratri, it is the time of victory of the soul over the ignorance of the mind

  • finding relief from the symptoms of chronic stress syndrome in addiction and depression​

  • raising your vibration and changing the rhythm of your response system to see and feel the love of who you really are

  • learning how to use meditation and healing tools to de-stress and enjoy peace of mind

  • staying relaxed and connected to a healthy sense of self and possibility

  • receiving the gift of renewed life 

Course details:

  • course cost is £360

  • daily sessions take place over 9 days including 2 weekends 

  • all sessions will be recorded and made available to you

  • timing is scheduled in British Summer Time (BST)

  • each session runs for 2 hours and includes a guided meditation

  • includes a personal 90-minute appointment which you can opt to have before or after the course

  • apply by filling in the form below with payment

When you apply, you will receive a Zoom link to be used for all course sessions. Please make sure you have the latest Zoom application.

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