Personal Healing Course

Your own Unique Personal Healing and Meditation Retreat

A 1-Day Personal Retreat is a full day, 7 hours which are planned according to your needs, it can begin from 8am and includes breaks.

You will enter a dedicated meditation retreat room, a space of high vibrations filled with the universal energy of divine souls and their teachings; Shirdi Baba, Buddha, Jesus, Sri Kaleshwar and the Holy Mother.

You will be guided to receive this energy, and to enter your inner world of truth and clarity, peace and rest.

You will enjoy a state of pure being not doing, connecting with your true spirit.

You will also have use of a day room and kitchen to prepare a light meal.

Personal Retreat cost is £245

Your retreat day will include learning meditation techniques to relax, de-stress and heal on a profound subtle level.

Whatever the issue, you will leave refreshed, rejuvenated, more resilient, and carrying an inner calm with you.

Please fill in the message form, giving suggested dates you would like for your personal retreat and any questions.

I will confirm dates and arrange a time to have a chat by phone prior to your retreat.

Retreat cost will need to be paid in full prior to attendance by using the link below.

Thanks! Message sent.